A Study of Ethical and Social Issues in E-Commerce

Himani Grewal
Management Dept, SSIM, Moradabad
SSIM, Moradabad, India

Dept. of CSE
SNGI, Meerut, India

International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering

July 2012

The web environment is quite different from that of the traditional brick and mortar businesses. The very nature of e-business necessitates the need for things to be viewed from a different perspective. An important contemplation is whether ethics needs to be considered, and if so, the development and implementation of policies that would support that need should be explored. The rapid spread of e-commerce has created tremendous opportunities for economic efficiency and customer choice. Use of the global Internet computer network for ecommerce activities provides some advantages to the consumers on their daily life. On the other hand Internet represents a new environment for unethical behaviour. While e-commerce has witnessed extensive growth in last decade, consumers concerns regarding ethical issues also continue to increase. Even many consumers and businesses are revelling in e-commerce; consumer problems related to online selling and purchasing become the dark side of the issue.
Keywords- e-commerce, business ethics, security, threats.


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