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Why Eco-Conscious Shoppers are Loving Virtual Stores

Sustainability has never been more top of mind for brands, merchants and consumers. But how brands communicate their environmental initiatives to shoppers will be critical in a post-pandemic world. 2021 is a fresh start for the retail industry and brands all over the world are strategizing on how to bounce back from a challenging, transformative year. However, the climate emergency continues to accelerate, and to maintain high brand loyalty and shopper engagement, sustainability efforts need to remain a core focus in brands’ strategies.

The elusive green consumer: Who are they and how can you win them over?

On the surface, there has seemingly never been a better time to launch a sustainable offering. Consumers — particularly millennials — increasingly say they want brands that embrace purpose and sustainability. Indeed, one recent report revealed that certain categories of products with sustainability claims showed twice the growth of their traditional counterparts. Yet a frustrating paradox remains at the heart of green business: few consumers who report positive attitudes toward eco-friendly products and services follow through with their wallets. In one recent survey 65% said they want to buy purpose-driven brands that advocate sustainability, yet only about 26% actually do so.

Top 15 Blogs and Niche News Sources Popular with Conscious Consumers

How serious are you about your impact on the planet—and the people who support your way of life? Your answer lies in your willingness to stay informed, and the sources from which you get your information. We’ve gathered our favorite sustainable sources that provide relevant, authentic, and impactful information—to ensure you have what you need to make eco-friendly and socially conscious decisions. From blogs that highlight the voices of the most marginalized communities, and no-nonsense news from around the world, to fashion magazines that provide ratings of your favorite brands, you will find a resource that delivers the knowledge you need, in a way you’ll love.

How The Conscious Consumer Is Revolutionizing E-Commerce

For a long time, e-commerce and environmental sustainability seemed mutually exclusive. One is driven by the “bottom line”, making the most revenue, while prioritizing customers’ needs. The other is concerned with prioritizing environmental factors while building the “conscious consumer.” However, the two concepts of e-commerce and sustainability can be mutually reinforcing. At the end of the day, a priority for both is about driving efficiencies. Bringing digital expertise and sustainable practices together should be at the forefront of strategic thinking.

Ethical eCommerce & Social Responsibility

As social and environmental awareness grows, consumers and businesses increasingly value ethical practices. In fact, according to the 2018 Conscious Consumer Spending Index, 59% of people buy goods or services from companies they consider socially responsible. 32% of Americans plan to spend even more in the coming years with companies that align with their social values. Customers are embracing ethical eCommerce, from online stores that are selling products fair-trade, to online businesses that give back to their communities in some way. Shoppers are also experiencing growing concerns about the environmental impacts of their purchasing choices. They increasingly seek out commerce sites that clearly outline their eco-friendly efforts, offer high quality, sustainable products, and embrace manufacturing processes that minimize their environmental footprint. In particular, online fashion trends are leaning into “reuse, re-wear, recycle,” styles, with many retailers offering discounts for returning old garments, and resale sites like Poshmark and thredUP catering almost exclusively to reselling clothing.