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A Study of Ethical and Social Issues in E-Commerce

Himani Grewal Management Dept, SSIM, Moradabad SSIM, Moradabad, India Shivani Dept. of CSE SNGI, Meerut, India International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering July 2012

Business Ethics in E-commerce

Khanh Nguyen Thesis Autumn 2016 School of Business and Culture Degree Program in International Business SEINÄJOKI UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES

Top 15 Blogs and Niche News Sources Popular with Conscious Consumers

How serious are you about your impact on the planet—and the people who support your way of life? Your answer lies in your willingness to stay informed, and the sources from which you get your information. We’ve gathered our favorite sustainable sources that provide relevant, authentic, and impactful information—to ensure you have what you need to make eco-friendly and socially conscious decisions. From blogs that highlight the voices of the most marginalized communities, and no-nonsense news from around the world, to fashion magazines that provide ratings of your favorite brands, you will find a resource that delivers the knowledge you need, in a way you’ll love.