ecommerce trends

The e-commerce trends you need to know for 2022

Consumers care more about the environment and are taking an increasing interest in the footprint that their favourite brands create. Conversations about ethical shopping are on the rise, especially among younger consumers, and there is a general migration towards brands who build environmentalism into their ethos. According to a recent survey, 69% say it is important or very important that retailers have good environmental credentials – and 49% will even pay more if a brand is environmentally friendly.

How to spot greenwashing – and how to stop it

Greenwashing could slow our progress towards meeting climate and social goals. Here's how policy-makers, organizations and consumers can spot it – and end it. The adoption of the EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy on 21st April – an investor's guide that defines green investments – has become embroiled in a greenwashing scandal. This taxonomy was intended to be the EU Commission’s keystone regulation underpinning the sustainable finance pillar of the EU Green Deal, with the objective of preventing greenwashing.